HANDS-FREE Fitness Strengthening!!  10% 20% off first visit!

…Plus receive another $10 discount if you drive 30 miles or further (one way) to session location! See ‘Consent Form’ for further details.

Welcome to Prevail Fitness Coaching Solutions, LLC.   Your solution to meeting your goals and

expectations for health and fitness.

Personal trainers will sometimes lack the time to encourage, due to them having other clients and their focus being more on integrated training and other such concepts. You may be an introvert (see introvert details below) like myself. This service takes me out of my element and comfort zone to be honest, but due to my many years of experience and passion for fitness (see bio. page) I am confident that you will grow alone with me. You will strengthen me, as I am confident that I will give much encouragement to you in return!

Social media has robbed us of that in person one-on-one, face to face time (that one on one touch so to speak).  That is why these meeting sessions are live and in person. All of the social media (Skype, FaceTime, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) madness has not helped the introvert at all. It has allowed us to hide behind (well not literally, but…) these type of cyber technologies.  I am not implying that we introverts need to change who we are, but we should also realize just how much the 75% extrovert world really need us.

Here’s why we exist! Prevail Fitness Coaching Solutions deals with the challenges of the  MB900078708INTROVERT,  and anyone else who deals with fitness fears or worries in relation to health, fitness and wellness

Session sign-up and reservations will be available soon! Date to be announced!

Contact: PrevailFitnessCS@gmail.com 


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PrevailFitnessCoachingSolutions, LLC

"Your 1-on-1 Solution to Weighty Fitness Fears & Worries"

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